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Nail Glue
Use caution when applying nail glue. Avoid getting the glue on skin and clothing.
If skin contact occurs to clothing or skin, don't pull the glued sections apart.
Use acetone on the affected area until the bond breaks. Acetone may discolor clothing

False nail Glue is made for use with False nail tips, to apply place a small bead of the nail glue to the tip very lightly to the centre then spread  lightly to the sides.

Watch out for small black spots Daily as this could be water under the nail and lead to fungus.
Use Nail polish remover or Acetone to remove them

Use only nail glue and NOT Super Glue
Super Glue = Methylcynoacrylate adhesives, such as super glue and lock-tight etc, are industrial adhesives which are unrefined, attract moisture and break down in water, are carcinogenic, they yellow, and are not intended for use on either the human body or on porous surfaces.

Nail Glue = Ethylcynoacrylate adhesives, such as hospital grade/pharmaceutical grade adhesives used by dentists and nail technicians etc, developed to be used on the human body. They are highly refined, stable in a moist environment, non-carcinogenic and non-yellowing.